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“The Five Largest Power Enterprises” Digging New Energy Resources, Electric Power Structure May Be Adjusted

Date:2014年10月20日 10:52

Recently, the five largest power enterprises including China Power Investment Corporation and China Datang Corporation have accelerated to step in the field of new energy resources. It is obvious that these enterprises striving to occupy the opportunities in aspect of resources and policies have been aware that the state may unveil preferential policies of new energy industry on a large scale.

At Financial Support Forum on development of new rising industries like new energy and energy-saving and environmental protection industry held on May 21st, Li Keqiang, a member of Standing Committee of Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Vice Premier of State Council stressed to develop strategic rising industries in good time. At Press Conference organized by the State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China on June 2nd, Liu Qi, Deputy Director of National Energy Administration, also disclosed that new energy development planning would be unveiled in due time when conditions were to be ripe.

As a matter of fact, before the policies signaled, each largest power enterprise had set up the development goals in 2009. Besides wind power planning, the five largest power enterprises are accelerating construction of solar power generation projects.

“No matter considering from national policies or commercial interests, enterprises increasing input in new energy is great for development of China’s new energy industry”, stated repeatedly by Bao Yunqiao, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Energy Research Society to the reporter from China Chanjing News, new energy is the direction of China’s future energy development.

In addition, the reporter from China Chanjing News learned from “China Wind Energy Industry Dialogue Capital Forum 2009” that, in 2008 the newly-increased renewable energy and power had surpassed the newly-increased traditional energy and power in America and EU. The traditional energy and power includes coal power, petroleum power, natural gas power and nuclear power. Last year, the newly-increased power and renewable energy both exceeded the traditional power in two most developed areas in the world- America and EU. Zhou Fengqi, a senior consultant from Energy Institute of National Development and Reform Commission believed this was of great significances.

China has great controversies in the aspect of new energy power generation, although many insiders acknowledged the importance of renewable energy, they usually suggested to delay its development as it only accounts for 3% in the electric power structure. In that way, what is the meaning of data above?

“In other words, the newly-increased renewable energy and power are 50% higher than the newly-increased power, then the renewable energy and power including hydropower in the whole world will reach 11.4 billion MWH, this figure shows a crucial and subtle change of renewable energy in the world electric power structure”, according to the development situation of the world we can see that renewable energy and power have experienced a transformation process from weak to strong and smaller to bigger, and it was very fast.

At the same occasion, Lin Ting, the partner of iD TechVentures stated that those investing most in wind power plants are the five largest power enterprises and large state-owned companies, which rush to invest wind power plants, even they make a loss somewhat, it can be compensated by thermal power generation and hydropower generation. In this way, the five largest power enterprises may become a main force in investment field of new energy.

Before that, Luo Yunjun, Vice Chairman of Beijing Association of New Energy and Renewable Energy, said to the reporter from China Chanjing News that, high-speed development of China economy requires us to enhance development and utilization of new energy.

As the development scale is increasing, the largest bottleneck is to connect into the power grid. But this problem is not insoluble. Ms. Dai Huizhu, a Professor of China Electric Power Research Institute stated that, the wind power integration is a bottleneck at present, which not only exists in China but also all the developed countries of wind power in the world, without exception. There are many wind power projects are well ready for power grid integration assessment and permit. Now, the way to solve it is to “study the power planning methods and coordinate constructions of power grid and wind power in China”. Bao Yunqiao, the 5th Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Energy Research Society, remarked to our reporter that the like problems were expected to be solved by related national planning and supporting measures.

All Groups are accelerating in adjustment of electric power structure. China Power Investment Corporation has declared to achieve the goals of 50% thermal power, 25% to 30% hydropower, 10%-15% nuclear power and 10% renewable energy by 2020. China Huadian Corporation aims to form the structural proportion of thermal power, hydropower and new energy at 7.5:2:0.5 by 2013, and gradually reach 6:3:1 eventually. Other larger corporations also made related plans.

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