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AQSIQ Issues Notice on Launching of Wire and Cable Quality Improvement Activity

Date:2014年10月20日 11:20

A few days ago, AQSIQ issued the notice that quality improvement activity including wire and cable, children products, student stationery, vehicle gasoline and diesel oil, wood products, fertilizers, water conservation products and building waterproof rolls would be launched in 2013 on a national scale.

It is reported that it will strengthen state supervision and random inspection for key enterprises, key regions and important projects in this quality improvement, strike illegal acts by the law, make stringent requirements on final treatment of ineligible enterprises, improve access to production permit, modify related rules for the implantation of production certificate of related products, establish a quality improvement information platform, develop regional comprehensive improvement, implement classified supervision measure in an all-around way, promote construction of quality improvement demonstration bases and other moves, urge the enterprises to perform entity responsibility effectively, and upgrade the overall level of product quality.

In light of wire and cable quality improvement, it will strictly strengthen permit for wire and cable, China Compulsion Certification supervision and quality supervision, organize to develop state supervision and random inspection of product quality, reinforce the tracking to ineligible enterprises, implement the final treatment of ineligible enterprises practically, strongly strike illegal act of production in wire and cable industry, comprehensively implement classified supervision measures of product quality in industrial enterprises, deepen classified supervisory system of export-based enterprises, and enhance investigation of export returned goods and follow-up supervision.

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